How to scrape number results founds

How to scrape number results founds for
For example for only scraped 783.

Please help me.

Maybe this will help.

I am beginner and google banned my country. Please write this code with Google Api.

Maybe this will help.

I’m sorry to tell you this but we are not a code-writing service.

We are here to help you with your own code, and to provide advice that can help you to write your own code.

Sometimes we even help people to find problems in the code that they’re written.

But please, do not expect us to write your own code for you. That is a service that is best paid for, and to be done for you by professionals.

I am founding this code:

// Google Backlink 
function googleBacklink($url = ''){
	$url = linkkes($url);
	$blink = "".$url."&filter=0";
	$gbl = sayfagetir($blink);
	$bul = @explode("<b>", $gbl);
	$bul1 = @explode("</b>", $bul[3]);
	$backlink = $bul1[0];
	return $backlink;

<?php $gbl	= googleBacklink($url); ?>
Google Backlink:<?php if($gbl != "") { echo $gbl; } else { echo "Nothing"; } ?>

But not worked.


PHP can use a program called curl to retrieve a requested page.

The following search will provides results that can help you.

php curl scrape google search results

Off Topic:

But the poster said that Google banned his/ her country :slight_smile:

Even given that, a similar search for the same terms on one of hundreds of other search engines will provide similar search results.

But then how is he to scrape google result pages if they’ve banned his country? It may be best to not think about that. country is iran and google banned for some services.

none help.thanks for all

As your country is banned from accessing google, the same applies to scripts that you use to access google. There is no help for you regarding this situation, except possibly to move overseas.

my site hosted in Canada.
please View this image:

Please help me.

That your country feels that it has to block its citizens from using Google is truly upsetting, but that is the situation that you’re in.

These conversations are public, and are indexed by Google several times a day. Even though you don’t have access to Google, there are a whole host of other search engines, such as:

[]Duck Duck Go
[]Yahoo! Search

Other than that, I don’t know how to help you regarding this. Even if I did start to investigate, I would be going directly against the wishes of your government, and I try to avoid annoying governments. They tend to bite back really hard.