How to scale all webpages in a browser?

Can CSS be used to set a custom scale of a page that loads in a browser? I am aware you can zoom in and out with hotkeys. I want the pages to load at (in this case) a smaller size. If so, how would this work in a browser? I imagine that you would need a page that loads the website with some sort of iframe tag or something. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks

I see no usecase for this. What is you goal?


You can use CSS transform: scale() with an iframe.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. This is in a custom application (program) that defines a small area for HTML pages. I have a limited space, so I wanted to get more out of a website and load it to a smaller size.

Fantastic! I guess I would craft an HTML page with one iframe in it and then set the location of the iframe src to the website. Thanks so much.

When testing this, it seems that most websites are blocked from showing up in an iframe. Very few sites will load. Is there a way around this?

You are aware, that you need the permission of the website owner to put his website into another website? That’s why they forbit to use their website in an iFrame.

I understand. I am not trying to put a website on the web. I am trying to view websites at a scaled dimension. The browser module in the program I am working with is based on the MS Edge engine. It has the same shortcuts to zoom in and out as Edge. However, I want the different websites to load that way automatically. I do not want to press the shortcuts every time. Thanks

The zoom factor you select within the browser is saved per page. So if you scale down a webpage one time, it’s scaled the same next time you visit it

In Edge you can set a default page zoom level via Settings > Appearance.