How to save page link with session data into MySQL database

I want to save page link with session data into MySQL database.
Like user have 4 sequence pages with input , select ,checkbox etc form. somehow after fill up 2 pages he close the tab or save the session. Then this session will save as a link.
click on this link session start from the past pages.
if any solution then share with me. that will help me lot.
thanks in advance

You could either create a separate table for the ‘pending’ data entry, use a unique id as soon as the user starts on the first page and store the data each time you go through, or if the final storage place lends itself to it, you could just start storing it in the final database location. It’s a bit hard to be more precise without knowing exactly what the user is entering.

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Thanks for your valuable reply. But if it is possible to save data as real time… that would be very beneficial.

so whats holding you back to do this? update sessions set session = serialize($_SESSION) where ...

Thanks to reply, will you share the clear code with a sample?

no, what have you tried by yourself? i don’t know your software, so i won’t provide an implementation.

ok, I use php for my Implementation.

so… what have you done to acomplish your goal? provide code, problem description and error messages.

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