How to run script PHP auto everyday?

Hi All
I have one question for ask you about checking information in database one time everyday,
For example
web site
have vacancy state : Open and deadline is 19/12/2010
my script will check deadline everyday if it’s find deadline yesterday,it will change state to Close.

First time i will create this script on load list job if my customer open my website
but what’s happen if have many User around the world see this list,

Do you have any idea for make it?

Thank you so much

If you have access to Cron on your server, you can use that. Otherwise you’re going to have to pseudo-cron it, which gets a bit more tricky.

A cron job is the best way to go


A little unusual way to do this without cron is to start a php script that runs infinite while(true) loop, inside that loop you would put something like

I know, this is unusual solution but if you don’t access to cron this may work as long as you set max_execution_time to 0 and start php from command line.