How to run a legit competition

How do you run a legit competition.

I want to run one but I don’t want people thinking it is just some kind of scam to get people to sign up.

it’ a new site so no real trust built up yet. I am UK based

Can you describe it in more details, so we can understand exactly what you want to do.

It’s just a competition giving away a high value prize.

It would be 100% legit from my end, I would honour the prize but I don’t want people thinking that I’d just get them to sign up and then nothing would come of it.

Is there some competition body you can go to to either hold the prize/money or enforce it so it feels more legitimate…

Maybe you could try uploading a video of you talking about the competition and physically showing the prize?

Thanks folks.

I want it to be completely legitimate and transparent. Which comes possible at a price, until trust is built.

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