How to retrieve jwplayer video player files from the database

Hi i am trying to load video to jwplayer you can do it from by putting the name of the files directly into the script like this


<a href="#" onClick="jwplayer().load({'file': 'video_SD.mp4', 'hd.file': 'video_HD.mp4'})">

but now i want the names to come from the database so i tried it like this

echo "<td><a href=\\"#\\" onClick=\\"jwplayer().load('file':" . $row['first_vidoe'] . "'file.hd':" . $row['2ndvideo_HD'] .  "' )\\">" . $row['FirstName'] . "<a/></td>";  echo "<td>" . $row['Age'] . "</td>";

but it doesnt upload the videos
can somenone please help please
thanks in advance

this my site
Untitled Document

the problem is the following line i am trying to retrive data from the database

<code>echo “<td><a href=\”#\" onClick=\“jwplayer().load(‘file’:” . $row[‘FirstName’] . “‘file.hd’:” . $row[‘FirstName’] . “’ )\”>" . $row[‘FirstName’] . “<a/></td>”; echo “<td>” . $row[‘Age’] . “</td>”;

the video on the site that is meant to work is the link name peter griffin