How to retrieve data from excel to html?

I have to prepare a draft for a page which includes many peoples biodata. In that process.

Lets say we have a data in excel format:

Name: XXXX

Sex: Male

Age: YY

Area of Interest: Linear algebra, Matrix Methods

I have the following questions:

  1. Is there any way to get the data from excel to html code like
<div class="all-data">
<div class="head"> XXXX </div>
<div class="data"> 
<td> Age </td> 
<td> YY</td>


<div class="research_area"> Linear algebra, Matrix methods </div> 


How to get the data from excel and make a html document where I may have to take care only the css part?

It’s not something you can do in HTML and CSS alone. You will need to do some scripting in a backend language such as PHP. There are PHP libraries such as PHP-ExcelReader to help with reading Excel files or you could convert the Excel file to CSV and use the functions that come with PHP to read the file.

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You’ll need to parse the Excel sheet and process the data using a programming language of some description.

Here’s a JS library that will do the job:



I knew someone would come up with a frontend alternative :smiley:

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