How to restrict a user to only select current date from datepicker not any other dates

Hi there

I have a series of question on this topic but first I would like to sort why date picker is not showing on this


It seems that line 8647 of jquery-ui.js version 1.8.9 is having trouble, due to there being no $.browser object

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘msie’ of undefined

html += buttonPanel + ($.browser.msie && parseInt($.browser.version,10) < 7 && !inst.inline ?

You can get it working in jsfiddle by using jQuery 2.0.2 along with that one’s jQuery UI 1.10.3

Ok its working

My Next qustion how can I restrict user to only view current displaying month and I also want that except current date no other date should be select on that date

E.g today is
so only this date should be select

tommrow is
so only this date should be select

same procedure will be repeat for each day and each month

How can I acheive this?


Do you want to learn how to do this yourself, via datepicker documentation, or do you want someone here do code up a fully working solution for you?

some codesnipshot,some hint.I will try and update my code

Okay - this info on how to restrict the date range will be most suitable. They provide a link to view the source of their demo, so that you can see how it was done.

By the way - why are you wanting to show a full calendar month of dates with only today being able to be chosen?

Surely it would be easier on the user instead for today’s date to automatically be entered in that field for them?

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