How to respond when someone says i have


Lately i have come across several different leads who simply have not got a website but are interested in getting a website done but however, they simply say some of the things below

  1. I have a friend who is working on the site
  2. I have someone who has IT Experience who will be doing the work for me/us
  3. I have someone who will be doing the website for $xxx amount of dollars.

reason i ask is i had a lead who asked me i gave her a quote they went to a friend for the cheapest and since I quoted her $xxx her other person quoted her $xxx so she obviously went to another person

but how can i prevent losing the lead again alike this not sure on how to respond to this though?


Short answer, you can’t. That’s life, I’m afraid.


Well with friends you could point out that they will do it in their spare time, so if there ever is a problem they might have to a wait a while before the friend has time to fix it, whereas you have a business and can usually tend to any issues rather quickly, same thing goes for people with IT experience.

The last category, people who will do it for less you have two options:

  1. Convince the client that your work has good quality and therefore costs more (implying the cheaper option will be worse quality without saying so)
  2. Match the offer of the competition if you can, or go even lower, or meet them half way

If someone is shopping for IT help based on price alone, you are doomed.

Look for clients who want to hire you for your expertise not just in web development but in helping them be successful.

Who can compete with SquareSpace on price?

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