How to remove vertical sliding blue bar?

You know the vertical sliding blue scroll bar on the right side of every viewed web page?
I have a similar one appearing inside a web page of mine. When I refresh, it goes away, but when I delete browsing history (IE7) and go to the page again, it appears again. What causes that? How do I remedy(remove) it?

You may have to show us the page so we can see what’s going on there.

It only appears when the web page is too long to fit on the screen, you need to reduce the length of the page but keep in mind this will differ depending on the monitor size and resolution the end-user is using.

You need to make the distinction between the viewport and web page content size.

What you’re experiencing it’s a normal behaviour for all GUI interfaces: when there is an overflow of the content inside a window, the viewport can be manipulated with the scrollbars in order to gain access to all content.

I don’t know if it’s a behaviour you like to implement, but if you don’t want these scrollbars to appear, even if that means that some content outside current viewport will not be easy to gain access to, use CSS overflow hidden.

but overflow: hidden will hide the content without a way to view it. If your browser window is maximized there is no way to see content that is hidden.

You could always put the content that’s creating the scrollbars in a separate div and make that scrollable. That way it won’t affect the layout of your entire page.