How to remove the virus on my server


i am new to be in this web development field…
i got a problem on my server…if you could possibly give me an instruction to remove the virus on my server…that would be greate.
thank you

what virus is it?

Think of that question in our eyes.

Say you’re a doctor and someone says “I’m ill, how can I get better?” - that’s not enough information.

In the future, try and structure your questions with more detail.

How do you know you have a virus?
What is it doing?
Can you identify the process name?
Have you got a virus scanner on the server? If so, which?

I agree with Arkinstall. Try to use an anti-virus. If the anti-virus can’t remove it, then it may identify it and give you its name.

Most anti-virus companies have libraries with the caracteristics of viruses, and tools or instructions to remove it manually in case that the anti-virus software can’t do it itself, but you have to know how the virus is called.

Step 1: Unplug your server
Step 2: Find a brick
Step 3: Smash the server

Virus removed!

the virus is adware…i didn’t see on my computer…but when i use my friend’s computer , she has the antivirus software on her computer.that’s why i noe it…what i should have to do…?
is it enough information to give me the instruciton to remove the virus…?
Thank you

then why did you say last time that it was on your server? did you lie to us

adware is an advertising app. most likely a dll or more with written register values to have it load at startup. it is in most cases easy to get rid of… from what you say i can assume your OS is windows based and you can go download “spybot search & destroy” and the free AVG antivirus. you can also go download “hijackthis” and malwarebytes “Anti-malware”.

first you have to clear all your temp files and temporary internet files.

Then you install spybot s & d, update it and scan… then install AVG and update it and scan again. if you can’t get rid of it you run Hijackthis and save the log and come over here and post it. But first you try to scan from safe mode :slight_smile:

wow this is the first time I heard about a virus in a server… :slight_smile: Contact to your hosting provider, they should help plus they should have a protection system…

they can be everywhere, you have to remember that there are both windows based and *nix based viruses and there are also cross platform viruses. so most systems can have it…

Adware is not a virus, it is just… advertisement… annoying, frustrating, but just ads. Your friend’s computer includes an anti-adware software. You’d probably installed it when you installed something else (it happens all the time)

It is just a piece of sotware and you should be able to uninstall it