How to remove sex ads on computer

Could one give me a solution to this problem.

I don’t how and why but every now and then a porn file pop-up keep appearing on my screen. Like after a few moments or when you click on the screen. How do you get that off the computer?

I mean I have search my harddrive, search the computer for it and can’t find it. Could anyone give me some script, solution anything to solve it.

I would really appreciate it.

Download Popup Killer. It is a very good tool fo eliminating unwated popups.

From the developer: “Aren’t you tired of all those annoying sponsor’s PopUp’s that get displayed when you visit some WEB sites? PopUp Killer is the original and most powerful popups destroying- machine ever created. With PopUp Killer you will be able to browse the web without being molested by those annoying ads that popup when you visit some web sites. With features such as the Smart! engine, PopUp Killer can identify possible popups and close them even before you can see them.”

same kind of thing, different software:


Run AdAware to see if there is some sort of tracker running.