How to remove hidden outbound link

Hi Everyone
I am very much disturbed with my problem, please help me.
On my Blog their is a outbound link from every page of my blog but I am unable to find it in my blog. When I view source of my blog and then press Control + F and type the URL then it comes but how to find it in my Blog. I want to remove it, please I need an expert advice.
One more thing, I also tried to find it from the editor section of my blog but did not find.
Waiting for your replies.

Where did you get your WordPress theme from? If you are not careful to use a theme from a reputable source, this is the sort of problem you might run into. If you want a free theme, the best place to go to make sure the theme is safe is the WordPress theme repository.

If you can’t find this link in the editor section (I’m assuming you mean Appearance > Editor) where you see the code of the different templates, it’s possible that the link was added using JavaScript.

If my guess is correct, the link(s) in question are the “create a free website” and “powered by weebly” links.

They are added by JavaScript. IMHO a small price to pay in return for a free website.

But because the link was described as “hidden”, my guess could be wrong and something more nefarious is happening?

The site which link to me is
Please tell me how to remove it.
Waiting for your reply

Please can you confirm that you meant the site you are linking to, as these statements are contradictory.

Also, you have not answered @WebMachine’s question:

Did you look to see if there is some JS adding this link, as suggested?


I do not know how to look at this. Can you please guide me properly. I will be very thankful to you. Or if you want I can send you my site link so you can look properly.

Yes, a link to your site would help. Right now, it’s hard to imagine what might be causing the problem from the little information you have provided.

Thanks for your continuous replying and help.
limitlessreferrals dot info

When you view source and type then you will find this link. Please tell me the location of this link so I can remove it.


Yes, some SEO numpty that thinks backlinks help has inserted some “outside” garbage.

<body id="top" class="home blog lazy-enabled">
  <div class="wrapper-outer">
    <div style="position: absolute; top: 0px; left: -3434px;">
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      <a target="_blank" href=""></a>
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    <div class="background-cover"></div>

Check you theme and plugin files.

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I have checked my theme through editor section but did not found this.
Is there any free wordpress plugin to remove this link or any other method.

You won’t see the code in the editor section if it has been added with JavaScript.

Check to make sure your site has not been hacked. Do you have access to all of your source files? I believe your theme is ‘Sahifa’ and when I went hunting for reviews of the theme, at least one review I found mentioned the presence of a Trojan in the files.

It could be an issue with the plugins.

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Yes the theme is sahifa and I think my site is not hacked because I think this link present on my site for more than 1 year.
And I have access to all files, tell me from where I can remove this link.

Sahifa ia a paid theme, so can you not get support from the vendor for this, if you’re convinced it’s part of the theme files?

So there is no way to remove such links.

Nobody said that there was no way to remove the links.

You were asked to check the plugins to see if they were the source of the links. You were asked to try getting support from the theme’s vendor. Have you tried either of these two things?

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Yes I have checked all the plug ins and there is no such link.

Well, if you’re sure it isn’t a plug-in, and also sure that your site hasn’t been hacked, that doesn’t seem to leave much apart from the theme. Have you contacted the vendor?

No I did not. So do you think that this is the only solution left. If not, then please provide me some other solution of this problem.

I think you should try temporarily inactivating all your plugins, then see if the cruft is still there. If it isn’t, activate them one by one until it comes back.

You may have looked, but some script-kiddies have ways to make their code more difficult to find and recognize.

@usamaazam1993: you yourself say you have ruled out other possibilities, so what could it be, apart from the theme?

I notice that you failed to respond to the question of where you got the theme, or whether it was from a reputable site. You are also showing a strange reluctance to seek support from the vendor, which is surely one of the main advantages of a “premium” theme. This leaves me wondering whether you have tried to avoid paying for the theme and used one of the dubious sites offering it as a “free” download.

If this is the case, then I’m afraid you get what you pay for. If you try to cheat somebody out of a legitimate fee for their work by downloading it from a dishonest site, you shouldn’t be surprised if that dishonest site also cheats you by adding a few nasty surprises of their own. If this is the only one, then I’d say you’ve escaped lightly. (Are you sure it is the only nasty surprise? @WebMachine mentioned a report of a Trojan.)

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