How to reform the strcuture of an old site?

I have recently saw this website with nearly 20 years history . I think it needs improvement to keep up with trend. I mean how to reform its structure without losing any data? What can we do to save an out of date website ?

I would say you need to redesign the website from scratch. You could use a template such as to give you some structure to work within.

@Hayley_Jones - are you asking for specific advice about that site, which seems to be yours rather than just one you saw? Or are you asking for general advice about saving an outdated site?

I don’t own this website right now. But I am considering buying it. But I don’t know how to deal with it. So I am here, asking for help.

That’s strange - it was showing in your profile when I looked.

But in that case, I think you’d do well to seriously reconsider buying such an outdated site if you don’t know how to handle it. Otherwise, @Gandalf’s advice holds good; you need to start again from scratch.

I am asking for advice, you know since I kind of feel this is a good site and I want to get it. I put it in my profile because I thought it’s necessary when I need advice about it. Please restore my link , if you don’t put my link back they won’t check the website at all. Thank you so much.

The URL is there and easy to use for anybody who is interested. It doesn’t need to be a link. But I doubt if many of our members will wish to spend much time giving detailed advice on what to do with a site which you “might” buy.

As it stands, the site is using HTML 4.01 Transitional, and HTML tables for layout. The only way to update that is to rewrite it in current standards. If the content is up-to-date, you can reuse it, but if the site has been so long neglected, then the content may well be outdated too, and you would be best to start again.

If you are going to modernise the site, then presumably you’re going to change the design. There is very little we can say about how to change to an unseen design.

In the circumstances, general advice is really all we can give.

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