How to reflect the submitted form values on another page?

Here is the situation:
User fills out a form with select menus and input fields and after he fills them out he clicks on submit, goes to another page and sees his selections but can’t change them.
On the 2nd page I’m thinking of using p tags to put text inside them and the user will see his selections inside those p tags so the values inside those p tags will be determined by the first form the user fills out. My question is on the 2nd page how can I label these p tags so that the values inside them can be changed by Javascript or PHP? Should I use ids or classes? The select fields and input fields on the first page all have their corresponding ids and names already. In this case I won’t be handling the back end job, I’m just trying to figure out what tags and classes/ids to use on the 2nd page. For example if we have a select tag with an id of “select-1” and a “select-1” name and various option values on the first page what should I do to see those selections on the 2nd page?

The classes and ID are not really relevant on the second page. You just need to collect the data entered into the form and store it in variables. Then you can echo those variables on the next page—placing them in any elements you like.