How to reduce bounce rate?

i am facing problem with bounce rate. i have recently started wordpress website.some body told me that bounce rate is reduced by using some it true?please suggest website is govt job exams

What sort of plugins are you talking about? We’d need to know, to answer you, but the probable answer is that installing some random plugin won’t help.

Basic thoughts about bounce rates:

Firstly, you need to be sure of what your bounce rate includes. Are you including the myriad spam bot hits and the like that analytics usually include by default? Do you intend to, or no?

Secondly, is your site laid out in multiple pages? If not, the bounce rate will be higher.

Thirdly, does your content promote further activity on your site? Do you have a call to action, persuasive content that is relevant to your intended audience? Those are things to consider. One good way to fix high bounce rates is to provide people with a reason to engage further with your site.


I’d like @jeffreylees post :100: times if I could, especially for thought number 3.

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I want to use something like this kind of plugins I found many like these. Does It useful to reduce bounce rate?

The plug-in won’t reduce bounce rate; what it does (apparently - I’ve never used it) is ensure more accurate reporting of how long visitors to your site stay on each page. so that you have a better idea of how your visitors interact with your site.

So if visitors are arriving on a page, finding the information that they require, reading it and then leaving (having done what they wanted), you’ll be able to see that they’ve spent time on your site, rather than that being recorded simply as a “bounce”.


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