How to redirect to my site if the url is IP address

Hi,how can I redirect it to my site if the url is IP addresss ?..because If I will try to input the IP in the Url like this .,it will open the phpmyadmin ,what I want is to redirect it to my site.

Thank you in advance

Hi jemz,

That’s already being accomplished by the DNS of the host.

If you’re asking about this for a test server (on your own computer), you can simulate this by adding your “pseudo domain” to the hosts (in WinDoze, it’s C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) file AND create the virtual host in the httpd-vhosts.conf within Apache’s conf/extras directory. If you’re not using a test server, you’re missing one of the best tools for any webmaster.



Thank you for the advice,I inform this to our administrator.


If you’re using WHM/cPanel, you have access to your DNS records and can (CAREFULLY) change them, too. If you’re not sure, though, have your host’s support team do that for you.



Thank you @dklynn

Hi Jems.

This youtube link is usefull for u and try it.

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