How to redirect a google+ page to another url

Please give me any ideas to transfer page

Not worth it, as it’s all tied to local search/buiness/places/maps/domain etc. Best bet is to take ownership of the google+ page and then update information as needed. If it’s in someone else’s name you can get a post card sent to the business address or if you know someone that has access just add your email as a manager.

If you must then delete the page in settings (google maps will retain relavent information) and start fresh.


Hey Pankaj You can add more information to your question so people can understand and ans it!

In my knowledge you can’t redirect a g+ page to another g+ page, if you are owner of two page one is g+ simple brand page and other is location page you can merge them and brand page content will go to location page, and it will be empty so you need to delete it.

There is no other way you transfer one g+ to another. You need to be owner of the page!