How to red border line in the footer?


This is my site:

I want a red color strip at the bottom of the site. See attachment for better understanding.

I have tried doing it by this but no luck.

.footer{ background: #E32121; border: 2px solid #E32121; }

Please help me asap

When I view the site, there is a red footer.
But there is blank whitespace below it. That is the end of the document, not the footer. To colour that red, apply the background to the html element.

yea I resolved it that one.

Now I am just not able to remove the black color in the footer.

I have replaced it with red but its not taking effect on the site

If you resolve something yourself, let us know so that people don’t waste their time trying to resolve what has already been fixed.


That .footer element has background: #303030;, which overrides the red background. Have a look at line 109 of your HTML code.

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got it. thanks.

issue resolved.

thanks for your precious time everyone.

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