How To Recognize A Font? - A Mini Guide To Successful Font Recognition

I just needed to look up a font from a low resolution DVD cover. Did about 2 minutes of photoshop work, then uploaded it using WhatTheFont and it identified it perfectly!

Thanks for the great tips!

Sysice - I’m glad that this guide was helpful in a real life situation.
That’s what it’s been written for :agree:
Thanks for feedback!

This is great! I have just been looking for something like that lately. Thanks!

Very nice and useful Arthur :slight_smile: I really like what you’ve done :smiley:

Can’t belived I missed this thread when I most needed it.

Really appreciate all the provided info.

Good job artur! I’m sure this will be referenced so many times! Thanks!

Great guide!

When trying to match fonts where I work we are generally trying to match to a business card or something like that so I take an easily recognizable character and look at that character in all my fonts to see if I can find it.
It only takes a few minutes and We have 3000 fonts. You get good at it really quickly.

These other methods are great but usually give you a font that you have to pay for.

Heh, the last guy I worked for was addicted to typography, having thousands of commercial fonts. He could tell you what font family and the actual font name of any type you showed him. Crazy guy…

Anyway Great Job

great tutorial, helps me loads, especially the part about isolating the font in an image before uploading to WTF, genius

Very nice. There are many times I looked at logos/sites and wanted to know what fonts were used. Thanks for the guide. :slight_smile: is horrible! It doesn’t detect a font. It searches their inventory for a closely matched font. The most common of fonts cannot be identified: Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Comic Sans, etc. all fail. “Why?” you might ask. Simple: They don’t get paid for telling you what font it really is, so they index what they can charge you for and list the fonts that closely match. It’s really more of an inventory search tool than an actual font-recognition tool. Cool technology though.

Aside from that, good tutorial! I’ll definately be trying the Search By Sight tools listed.


I’ve updated the tutorial with a few new additions:

  • TypeNavigator was added to “Online Tools” category
  • DaFont forum was added to “Other Methods (forums)” category
  • New category was added - “Software Tools” (includes FontMatch)

Unfortunately DaFont forum is under maintenance right now :frowning:

Great resource you have here for us:

fyi has an open forum that helps people identify fonts for free.

A link to Web 2.0 logo fonts (FontShop) has been added. Thanks for the idea Hamish :tup:

I’ve had a tuff time with this before. Its always easy to find a font similar, but when you get to the nitty gritty you end up with 3 or 4 almost the same.

Nice tutorial however. :slight_smile:

Can’t agree more! but the info will help me in the future. Thanks

Also I’m new to Sitepoint, and need help on Vista and service pack 1, Can anyone direct me to a thread with this topic? Thank you

PupMan - post your question in the Computer Hardware and Software forum.

i have some new fonts (or at least were released a few month ago as my friends think because they couldn’t recognize also) and i couldn’t find any soft to recognize them… and to be able to buy them

You can upload the images to the Anyone recognize this font? thread and let the SitePoint members try to help you.

I was on dafont the other day and my fiance was as well and he said he got a virus from that site. I don’t know how …

Thank you for this thread. I needed this yesterday as I was looking for a particular font I lost and couldn’t remember the name of. This has been very helpful. I just wanted to mention about that one link you gave however.

FontMatch is a desktop font identification solution that looks at the fonts on your computer, instead of comparing against every font available on the Internet. I need something which can find from internet about which font is it.