How to read JSON from an API with jQuery?

I’m trying to get statistics from sendgrid by using getJSON(). Their JSON feed reads:




This is the jquery code to render it into the browser, but nothing is showing up?

var stats =
	$.getJSON(stats, function(key, value) {
		$('<ul>', {
		    id : 'sg_stats',
		    html : '<li> ' + key + '</li><li>' + value '</li>'

Sendgrid is the feed I’m trying to access, should I put wrap this in an ajax call instead?
Isn’t this a type of AJAX call anyways?
Am I missing something else in my code?

Please have a read of the jQuery documentation as your currently using your anonymous function incorrectly.

$.getJSON("test.js", function(json) {
    $.each(json, function(){