How to read HTML?

How to read HTML? Is there any easy to read HTML?

To read HTML you are going to need to learn to read HTML. The whole thing is similar to a foreign language. Checkout this book on learnable. That is a book that many of us started out with to learn HTML including myself.

HTML consists of a few “tags” that are wrapped around content to describe what kind of content it is. E.g. <p></p> indecates that the text between is a paragraph, which <h1></h1> indicates that the text is a top level heading:

[COLOR="#FF0000"]<h1>[/COLOR]This is a heading[COLOR="#FF0000"]</h1>[/COLOR]

[COLOR="#FF0000"]<p>[/COLOR]This is a paragraph.[COLOR="#FF0000"]</p>[/COLOR]

HTML is not so difficult to read. But you have to practice a lot. There are some tags in HTML. You should learn from some source.

SitePoint has a reference section which will let you quickly look up any tag you don’t recognise.

You can learn about HTML at and there are also many sites available on internet to learn about HTML.

You can take help from the internet there are lots of examples, e-books and webpages are available where experience designers and developers post their views and idea about HTML so it helps you.

Its all about tag, if you can understand tag than you can read HTML. you need to practice a lot for the same, you can take help form some online tutorial.

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