How to Rank your Goolge Place or Google Maps Pages?

I have registered my Business in Google Maps and i have successfully done and it is live now, but can someone help me to get my Google Place Page on First Page of Google.

[font=verdana]If it was easy as that, we would have all done it by now. But wait, then we’d all be number 1 … but there’s only one number 1 spot, so we can’t all have it … getting to number 1 is not an easy job unless yours is the only site targeting that word or phrase!

There’s lots of useful information here - both in the SEO FAQ thread at the top of this forum (I’ve moved it to the Internet Marketing forum because it isn’t anything to do with Social Media) and in other discussions we’ve had, including several on Google Places. Please have a read of those, then either continue the discussions in those threads or, if you’ve got a specific question that hasn’t already been answered, post it in a new thread.

In the meantime, your question is way too generic to get a useful response, so I’m closing the thread.[/font]