How to rank number a website from 4 Postion to 1 position?

Hello every site point community members. I have my site from scratch. Now it’s clicks smoothly but it’s stuck at 4 position.
It’s ranking at these keywords “videoder download” and “videoder 13.0 apk download”
can any body explain this how can it from 4 Postion to 1 position?

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In a word - no. :slightly_smiling_face:

If there were a way to guarantee you reached first position, then everybody would use it. But obviously not everybody can be in first place. All you can do is ensure you have high-quality, unique content, which will give you the best chance of ranking highly.

Not to mention that your position 4 and mine will be different, because there isnt just one global ranking for all sites in all locations for all users.

I’d suggest not worrying about how well your website about a piece of software of dubious legality is doing.


create some more relevant contents that link to that post, it works as internal (on-page) SEO and it will keep telling search engine that the main post you’re referring to, has more importance.
There are some other ways around but stick to the one and see the results in weeks, or even months.

I agree with all. Creating SEO-optimised relevant content regularly will be best. Check the article in the 1st 3 positions and create a better article.

@chenannaaaaaa What does that mean, specifically?

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Ooh ooh, can i guess? Does it keyword involve deep keyword analysis of the keyword topics in the keyword article?