How to rank in Google maps?

I want to rank my google places listing for particular keywords in google maps. Can anybody suggest what are the SEO activities needed to carry out for the same? Currently my listing is in the 5th page of Google maps for a particular keyword. How do I bring that to 1st page? what are the important SEO activities for this? If anybody knows, please explain…

Ranking of Google Place Listing in Google Maps is based on 3 Factors:

  1. Relevance
  2. Distance
  3. Prominence
    And this work on Google’s Algorithm wherein you can not buy it, or opt for any other sources to get it ranked on first page.
    If the search query (keyword) is relevant, closed to the searcher’s distance and prominent to the keyword then your listing will be ranked higher.

Build citations for your site.

Usually this is in the form of local directories and classified ads. The more contact details you spread about your business or website, the more exposure it will get in Google maps. Reviews also play a big role. Contact your previous customers and ask them to leave their testimonials to your website’s G+ account.

Building citation links is the best way to promote your site for local markets. In my opinion, this is the most “gamable” side of SEO that currently exists. It will help your ranking in Google places and Maps.

Also, when creating your titles, Google wants to see your brand, not your keywords. Don’t avoid using keywords, but branding should be your goal for your homepage’s title (for citations) and title tags.

Google Map optimization mainly depends on NAP(Name Address Phone)
post your site to different business directory sites where you can add you Name Address and Phone Number

Hi all,

Thanks for all your tips… I gonna try with building citation links and NAP(Name Address Phone) as suggested by alabamaseo and syrena 143

Citation links helps a lot. An overall good promotional strategy also contributes to higher rankings. The answer of “[B][COLOR=#ff6600][B]alabamaseo[/B][/COLOR][/B]” is the most accurate one.