How to pursue a Javascript Dev Job?

I’ve being going to school and almost done with my electrical engineering degree. However, i’ve being wanting to get a software developer job very recently. My skills in Javascript are very minimal. I would like to know specific topics i should learn in javascript that will guarantee me a starting software dev job. I understand that all jobs differ in what is needed. I would like a general idea of how to approach it.

What are the must know topics to get a Javascript job?

  1. Know the different ways to create objects, such as using the “new” keyword, as well as just declaring an object (such as ‘x = {a:1, b:2};’).
  2. Know what a prototype is, what the “this” variable does, and how to use both.
  3. the difference between a list and an object (and how a list is technically both, and can be used as both).
  4. Know that functions are objects that can be passed as parameters into other functions and returned from other functions.
  5. what closures are and how to use them. This might seem like an advanced topic, but when working with functions returning functions, it’s easy to introduce bugs if you’re not careful.
  6. Know how to use functions such as the list’s map and filter functions. With this in mind, I encourage you to read this specification and learn the methods available on all types of objects.
  7. Understand the built-in objects (they’re constructors!) and how to use them, including Function and Array (with capital F and A).
  8. Know your way around the developer command line and debugger. All the major browsers provide these now.

Perfect thats all good!

How about Design patterns and specific algorithms?
Also i need to design a portfolio, what are the ideal must have projects that encompass a good understanding of javascript. I know every job will target that which is similar in comparison to the companies goal. However, i want to demonstrate my understanding and skills on a general level since im not sure what forms of javascripts will be out their!

Lastly, what about frameworks? Should i jump into Node, angular, etc? Or simply stick with raw javascript?


Since you are obviously very green, start with the basics of raw javascript, some of which @ashtonthompson1809 mentioned above. If you can’t get programming training in school locally, there are a number of good online courses. I can recommend Code School, which has well done video and interactive training courses and covers the basics to much more advanced topics like using libraries like jQuery or React or Frameworks like Ember, Angular or Backbone or working with a MEAN stack. The monthly price is fair too, which you can stop at any time.

Here you can start to learn JS.


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