How to protect a dir based on email domain? Prevent PDF download?

I’m hosted on Godaddy.

I need to set up a dir to allow access to persons who have a specific email domain (e.g., ONLY. The dir will contain pdf files which I further need to prevent from downloading.

How to accomplish? I’m not much of a coder so pls explain to me like I’m a 3 year old :slight_smile:

If there’s someone here who can perform the task for me for a reasonable cost, let me know. I need this, and another item done, asap.

Thanks ever so!

How do you know someone’s email address?
Are they logging in to the site through some system, or do you request their address through a form or something?

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. That’s something I could use advice on :slight_smile: Form-based might be the best.

If you simply have a form to request an email address, someone could put any address they (or you) want.
You would need some means of authenticating it.
That would generally entail sending out a confirmation mail, with a unique link to make the confirmation.
If on the other hand you had a login system, well you probably would have already done the same kind of confirmation during the sign-up process, but then would not need to do it again to get the download.

You would need some means of authenticating it. yes… but to be clear:

  1. ONLY emails from specific domains can be allowed/authorized, AND
  2. Must prevent pdf/docs’ downloading, copying, etc… Docs may be viewed and searched ONLY.


Just wanted to post that I’ve resolved the issue. I hired a local coder and it’s actually simpler than I thought. I’ve pw-protected the dir, and we’re going to do a simple email form w/authentiction to verify, along with some basic JS code to prevent copy, etc. It’s not perfect but is sufficient for the task.

Thanks to those who replied.

Glad that you found a solution.

How important is the security for this?
Any client-side coding, such as js can’t be relied upon for security, as it’s incredibly easy to circumvent or hack.
But I suppose if that is just copy prevention, copying contentt is virtually impossible to stop, so anything that just makes it more difficult is not a bad thing.

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