How to properly organize folders in project?

Hello there,
How to properly organize folders in project ?
This is mine structure what I generics in my project folders.
/- css - all CSS plugins, example Bootstrap?
/ - js - all JS plugins, example AngularJS, jQuery?
/ - images - folder for images ?
/ - fonts - for Fontawesome, example. :slight_smile:
/ - contact - if i have contact form in page? (or, portfolio, or biography or etc… u know what i mean. )
/ - style.css - file where i stylizing my site.
/ - index.php/html - file where i write code for web page.
It’s ok or not ?
How to organize better site? Better and faster loading ?
Other :
What is better, link project from CDN or manually add plugins in folder and link plugin from that folder ?
I want a good organization with folders in the project.
And this that is very important for a better impression for the user.
Ps. Tell me more about Middleman ? If u know. :slight_smile:
Have a nice day.

If I’m not using any kind of PHP framework, just building a straightforward website, I have the following folders - css (for all my css stylesheets including my main style.css), js (for all my scripts), images (for all my images, although if I have a gallery I tend to put those images in a subfolder of the images folder), and fonts (for all my fonts, if necessary).

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What about CDN?

A little different way I interpret your title, it basically means cleanliness and organization. So going off that, I am not going to talk about the folder structure, but how to be organized in which project is which. I generally place each folder by their respective domains.

Say for example, my subdomain is I will create a directory in /var/www/html/ called /site.point/. So the end result would be /var/www/html/site.point/ and all its contents such as index.php will be placed here.

This is way that I find much easier than having 50 folders of different projects stuffed inside your default domain folder.

I am thinking about making a video and posting it on here about this since I was already thinking about making a video tutorial for installing PHP on Windows.

Ok, it’s a better way for fastest loading page?
Do u know what is framework Middleman ?

No and no.

The way I explained was to organize your projects and separate each project so that you don’t have so many projects all in one folder. This will basically confuse you later in the future if you stuff all your projects in a single folder. It also helps separate different files for different projects.

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