How to promote my website in Netherlands

I want to promote my website in Netherland. Please suggest me how can do the website SEO. MY website domain is .in. I want to generate traffic from Netherlands. Please guide me.

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Your profile says you’re an SEO analyst. Shouldn’t you be telling us how it’s done?


You can try a bunch of on-page and off-page activities. Always create accounts on those websites where the DA and PA is high and don’t forget to link your own website’s homepage and internal pages there!

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Why do you want to target the Netherlands specifically, @maheshonlinebiz? Is your site particularly relevant to that audience?

I would have thought the first requirement would be for the site to be in Dutch, or at least have a Dutch language option.

Without more information (e.g. what niche your site is in and what approaches you’ve already tried) it’s going to be hard for anyone to give anything but the most general responses.

I have good knowledge to promote the website in India but not in specific country. So I have asked.

Try to create links on the sites with High PA DA. Also, don’t forget to check the organic traffic of that website. You can check the Ahrefs tool to check organic traffic (which country the traffic is coming from) of the website.

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To all posters:

The OP has stated that they know general techniques, but need help specifically with attracting traffic from the Netherlands.

Please ensure all replies address this particular issue. General advice will be removed as off-topic.

I would start by getting a domain extension in .nl or at least .eu You can then target your cloned site with Dutch words in your meta keywords. Using English is fine but you do need some relevant Dutch words on your site as well. It is difficult to give you more data as you haven’t said what your target market or niche is.