How to print screen

stupid question but how do you print screen? I know the PrtScn button usually does it but it doesn’t seem to work. is there some other button I need to push to activate it?

It depends upon your system but usually PrtScr will work. Obviously you can always use ALT+PrtScr if you want an active Window or you could try downloading a tool like Lightscreen if you want more control.

Some programs can also be set to disable that key and also depending on your Keyboard you might have a Fn Key to press:

If your Print Screen button is not working, you can install screen capture addons in your browser for taking snapshot of websites. Or else can install any of the freely available screen capture software.

Here is one

For print screen I always use Snagit. It is a best one and it comes for free.

Never use the default print screen button of your computer. Gadwin is the great print screen software through which you can take screenshot in less than one second into the desired location and desired format. See the advantages and get the free download link of Gadwin from here.

If your printscreen is out of question, you can use the free version FS Capture. It has great feature for a small software.

Interesting. Pressing CTRL + PrtScn always works for me.