How to optimized background video for fast Loading?


I have a website, and my video is playing slow, it is just about 18 sec video, and its size is 40 MB. Let me know How we optimized background video for fast Loading?

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I would, humbly, suggest that you do not use background videos. :unhappy:

They are “arty farty” nonsense used to disguise the fact that the
page is, more often than not, lacking in genuine content. :rolleyes:

If you believe that the video is important and of real interest, then
display it normally and let your visitors choose whether to view it
or not. :eek:


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That is a bit big for a web page. There will always be a trade off between video quality and file size. To get the size down you either decrease resolution or frame rate, or increase compression, possibly a combination. If the video is full-screen it will suffer at lower resolution and whatever you do, it will likely still be quite sizeable and slow to load for many.
So if you really must have this video it would probably be best to defer its loading and show a still image placeholder to allow the page content to load and be available for viewing while the video catches up.
If visitors have to wait too long to get to actual content, you stand a good chance of losing them.


If this is one of those full page background videos then Dudley Storey shows to create that effect but also mentions the caveats already discussed above about wheter it is necessary and if so the video should never be over 5 mbyte and preferably 500k.

If you didn’t make the video yourself then you will probably need some sort of tool to optimise the video and reduce the filesize.


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Thank you for your response much appreciated

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