How to optimize for mispelled words?

When you operate a ‘serious’ website, you strive to make sure the content and spelling are correct. However I often see that people search for words or phrazes, which I cover in my website, but the searches in the ‘mispelled’ way, are more than the correct ones. So how do I optimize for these searches without sacrificing the quality of my content?


Optimizing for misspelled words is not as useful as it used to be because by default Google now shows the correctly spelled keyword rankings first and you have to click on a link if you really want to view the misspelled keyword results.


The competition for the misspelled keywords is way smaller so it’s much easier to rank for them. The search volumes are lower too, but still there’s quite a lot of traffic behind commonly misspelled keywords.

Please read the following blog for more info…

Hope this will help you…:slight_smile: