How to optimize a new website

I manage a new shopping website, what should i do to make google crawl my webpages as many as possible in a short time?


Online shopping website always have a good competition. For optimizing your site you need to optimize your XML sitemap very well. You can add images for your each and every product in the XML sitemap that you have prepared for the better indexing of your images by Google. You also need to get keywords related to each product.

Other than this please apply all other SEO techniques for optimization.

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Yeah, open a Google Webmaster Tools account and submit a sitemap.

If the site is dynamic and the same content could be displayed in several ways, make sure you use the Cannonical tag to tell Google what versions of what pages you want them to crawl and index.

Submit Google, Yahoo and Bing webmaster tools and verify with sitemap. Also do proper on-page optimization, then your site will easily index.

Follows these:
Article submission
Directory Submission
Blog Commenting
Social Bookmarking
with high pr site and share you link.

You can try these steps for optimize a new website:

  1. Meta Optimization - Should be select related keywords of our web pages, then integrate the keywords into Meta refer to competitor’s Meta tags.
  2. Page Layout - The use of Html tags, density and place of keywords, and name of URL place a large weight in SEO page layout, especially for Baidu. So learn competitors’ layout then modify according to the characteristics of your web pages can save you much time.
  3. Internal Links - Construct a model of internal links is not a small project, when you optimize the whole website, you will find this truth. If you do not have enough external links to prove which pages are important, you can prove by internal links.
  4. External Links - Should analyze competitors’ natural link, high-quality link, anchor text link, link bait, etc. After the long-term analysis, you will have the basis of what kind and how many links required on the selection of anchor text and different competitive keyword.
  5. New SEO technology - Search users are ever changing, search engine will also make changes to meet the needs of users. Perhaps observe the performance of new SEO technique in search engine & after a period of time to confirm, you can also apply this technology. If you are not sure, apply it using tested website.

Also , if you will update your content very often (but without changing your main keywords/topics of course), you will make search engines visit you much often in the hope they will re-cache your new content.
It’s also a good idea to not add all your pages at once, but add a number of % pages each day.
Ex: Adding 100 pages daily, instead of adding 10,000 pages in one day for the rest of the year.

Don’t forget about Facebook! You can create a minishop there as well, create albums for your products etc.

According to your post, I can say that, You can use On Page and Off Page Optimization to increase your site traffic and site performance in the terms of Search Engine like as Google Crawler Access. In On Page Optimization, Site Title, Meta Description, Site Navigation, Shipmate, Links Structure, Crawler Access, Robots.txt etc. is most important terms and in Off Page SEO Backlinks, Directory Submission, Forum Posting, Search Engine Submission, Site Traffic etc. is most important term. in Baclinks there are 2 ways, White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO Methods. You should use SEO Methods properly to make the best performance of his site to Search Engine like as Gogle crawler. Thanks.

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first develop your website with proper design, fresh content and make sure that navigation is proper. Do proper keyword research according to your website niche, choose best keywords related to your niche and use them in title & description tags wisely. And, then start link building to get some quality backlinks.

Unique content is major key for any website from SEO point of view. So First of all please ensure that website have a unique content after that do keyword research and other SEO on page activities.

check the competitors on the search engines and then follow what they are doing on page as well as off page to promote their sites and also follow their backlinks ttechniques

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A better approach will be to start with the basic activities like
search engine submission
directory submission
article submission
blog commenting

later you can go for

web 2.0
forum posting
link wheels
press releases
video submissions
PDF submissions

Don’t forget to perform On-page optimization in the beginning and effectively use the keywords that you desire to target.


Below are the points that can be followed while starting an Optimizing process for a new website:

Keyword Research: First we need to see what the Keywords are that need to be targeted and related to niche of a website. Here we can use online tools such as Google Adwords Suggestion Tool.

Site Categories: Categories of the site need to be made according to the avenues of its business. For example: There can be categories such as Products, Services, Support, Faqs etc.

Titles, Metatags - Meta Description, Meta Keywords tags: The Title and Metatags should start with Keywords and need to have key phrases in them and they must be unique for every pages of website

Sitemaps: There are two types of Sitemaps that should be used for any new website. These are Sitemap.html within a website and the other one is Google Sitemap as Sitemap.xml in xml format.

you have to build links first of all. The popularity of your website will be measured with Page Rank and Alexa Ranking. Doing great on those will put you in the top of the SERPs deseving the keywords you’re hunting for. Yes, You have to basically know when you start which keyword will be used for your website. Competite low competition keywords are best if you need quick result. I advice you to check the keyword tool by Google.

Social Marketing represent nowadays just 10-15% of online marketing.

Keywords Idea & Targeting:

  1. Semrush
  2. (see related searches)

OnPage: (usage of keyword)

  1. Title Tag
  2. Meta Description Tag
  3. Main Content (first para, last para)
  4. Internal Linking
  5. Clean Code CSS based, image less website, use external java scripts & external css.


  1. Links with anchor (main keyword, related keywords)

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