How to number files

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How is everyone?

Now this is probably not the right forum for this, but I didn’t know where else to put it LOL

I scanned a binder full of 450 some pages & I need to create one LONG PDF out of them, but now they are sorting in the wrong order in Nitro. In the folder on my computer they are fine, but not in Nitro.

I know there’s a specific way to do it, but I can’t remember what that is.

It’s going from 10 to 100 instead of 11, 11 shows up after 109 & before 110 & then 13 is in between 135 & 130. Just nuts.

And yes, there’s 2 words prior to the number, so it says Joint Ventures01, Joint Ventures02, Joint Ventures12, Joint Ventures20 & so on.

I hope someone knows the answer : )

Thank you


Make the names Joint Ventures001, Joint Ventures002, Joint Ventures012, Joint Ventures020 and so on

Hi Guido,

Sorry for the delay, I never got the e-mail saying anyone responded. :frowning:

I hope we aren’t back to that again. For years I didn’t get the notices until SP fixed the problem.

Anyway that worked. So I only had to put the zero in front of everything up until 100 right? It seems to have sorted in order without any zeros in front of 100 & onward.


If the files go past 999 then you’d need to add another zero to the first 999.

No, just goes upto 460 something.