How to move tags from under post/page to sidebar in wordpress

hi all, i’d like to move my tags for each post and page out of the content area and into a sidebar. i do not know php, but if someone can point me in the right procedural direction i can probably figure what to copy and paste from one php file to another. here is a example:

i did find a plugin called “ultimate posts widget” but it doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly and displays only one tag in the sidebar, even though there are more attached to the post/ is a sample: this particular project should have three associated tags display. near as i can tell, it randomly displays one (and sometimes two) of the three upon each page load.

there must be a better way … any suggestion are greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, do you want a list of all tags in the sidebar, or do you want a list of the tags for an individual post in the sidebar beside that post?

Also, is that Studio Shelli Shelli the site you want this for? I can’t tell whether the two links were examples of what you want, or if one of them was your site.

hi webmachine … tags for only that particular post or page in the sidebar.

the bantjes site is the example, and the shelli shelli site is the one i am working on.

thank you for your reply, sorry about not being more clear.

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