How to maximise earning from a city business directory!


My client owns a business directory magazine for a city . Its a division of local newspaper.Now a online web company started a online version of business directory for the same.

My client wants to start a similar online directory. He has the brand and media support. Suggest how can we beat the first mover.

Suggest good examples of city based biz directory …and earning models which can bring maximum results.
What adverting option i can offer to my clients client …as a web design firm …it has to be off shelf…i am considering being reseller of Mr Site, as the city is 10 hours away from my office.


The best bet is to diversify streams.
Options include: ppc, cpm, cpa, listing subscriptions, promotion services, pay per call, topical affiliate offers, direct ad sales.

Yext was doing very well for me with pay per call for a while but they have started to really drop off lately.

Make some campaigns to promote your directory in your city, offer some free advantages for the ones who subscribe, some packages, make a tentant offer. Also offer to the visitors, and promote the content through social networks, updated information and personal opinions, professional opinions to make them feel involved.

i have purchased Phpmydirectory script…now considering selling domain names, website builder service, flower /gift delivery, travel booking etc.

Need opinions on resellers packages like
resellerclub/godaddy/ ?
Mr Site/ ?
Adwords/facebook ads

My client is based in india…