How to manufacture competitive products?

How to manufacture competitive products? I think let people to know your product is much easier than to attract them to buy. So to manufacture competitive products is very important. Can you suggest what are the characteristics of competitive products?Thanks!

Competitive products disrupt either through their features, their price or ideally their overall experience [i.e. the Apple win].

The first and third tend to yield the biggest wins but are easier said than done as you have to understand a coming trend or customer need thus most turn to price and enter into what amounts to a war fighting down costs as others do the same. Even still you’ll need to have a foot hold in an industry or the ability to get on to make something on your own that’s purchase worthy and it’s a gamble as you can’t order in ones or twos so do yourself a favor and test first, build later.

To make sure that your product is up to the competitive trend of the industry, make certain that it can be sold profitably. You can say that you are manufacturing a competitive product when it is marketable in terms of its quality, service, and price. Another factor to consider is when the best buyers prefer it over the other high-end products.

As per my suggestion, there are several characteristics that a competitive product holds including the adaptability towards the changing marketing conditions, quality of service or the product provided, pricing strategy adopted, product differentiation also varies depending on the customers needs, wants and desires. There are many other characteristics for the competitive market.