How to manage a showing/availability schedule

Hi everyone,
I have a property management client who needs to have their site tweeked, really they need to start all over but they want to close the business by the end of 2013. Currently their site is in laid out in tables. They need a page that can be quickly updated by their admin staff to show property availability and showing schedules. Anyone have any ideas, I wanted to redesign the site with a CMS but they did not want to do that.
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Hi there,

So, they have a site built using outdated methods, don’t want a redesign, don’t want to use a CMS, but do want to be able to edit it quickly and easily, oh and it should be done by the end of the year (I presume you meant 2012).

Good luck with that one!

If it’s only the one page they want to edit, maybe you could consider a really lightweight CMS such as Perch, that can be dropped in on a per page basis.

This is from their web site:

You can get started with Perch without creating any special templates or needing to change the way you build sites. Simply add a Perch include to any page where you want to manage the content and then add Perch content tags to places where you would like to make content editable. You add Perch to your pages rather than it taking over your entire site.

You can find them here:

Good Luck! Let us know how you get on.

Hey Pullo,
Thanks, this is just what I need. Yea, they need it by Jan 8. So it is going to cost them!
I will post the result!