How to make wordpress blog match main site design

i’m completely new to design, never really done much other than read a few of the html/css tutorials on w3schools and read halfway through a few books. It (css) is something i’ve been meaning to learn for some time…

with that in mind what’s involved in making a wordpress blog design exactly match my main site (an ecommerce platform). i want the user to be able to click on my “blog” link in the navigation and not even know that they’re moving back and forth between two separate sites.

Is this something a first timer could do? if so, how would i go about it? I’m thinking it would be fairly easy since i’d already have all the css for the main site.

not even sure where to start…

I am the who is also looking for the same kind of information…any answers will help us…


Yea it is “fairly” easy to style wordpress, of all the blog/CMS solutions it is probably the easiest to do so. What you will have to do is create a so-called “Theme”, for which there are loads and loads of guides out there on the web.

Personally I would recommend the guide that Wordpress themselves (or the community) provide which can be found here:

Alternatively, if you feel too overwhelmed by creating your own Theme, you can find a simple WP theme and modify it for your needs.

Wordpress also provides a “Lesson” on Theme Designing which can be found here:

Hope that helps

It’s certainly possible to match the look and feel of both, though it can be a bit contorted with things like WordPress. First you have to rebuild your WordPress template to match your ecommerce site. You won’t just be able to copy-paste HTML for that, because the HTML of a WordPress template is broken up into various bits. Once you’ve got the structure of the template in place, the CSS styling isn’t too hard … but it’s not a novice activity, by any means.

Here are two tutorials on how to build your WordPress template:

See if those help at all, and feel free to ask for help here … but as I say, this is not really a beginner topic.

Thanks for the info…Let me try these things…