How To Make Travel Photography

I am Tryong To make My Travel Photography For My Blog
Please Help me

First you need to just have a DSLR camera and a strong lens. I recommend a 24-70 f2.8 lens. You get some good coverage that way. Then just book your flights and take pictures as you travel. It is simple then. Just upload your photos with explanations for each on your blog as you get internet access. (Preferably at the end of the trip.)

Thanks For Your Suggestion

You dont need to have a fancy camera and all the expensive accessories to get started. You can start with a beginner-friendly camera, such as compact digital cameras or even point and shoot. However, if you want to shoot better photos, then you need to learn the basics of photography. It’s not rocket science, and there will always be a lot of room to learn and improve as you go. Above all, be creative in your shots, and enjoy!

Here’s one good camera to get started, especially when you’re traveling with your kids - Canon EOS Rebel T1. hope this helps.

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Abbyjc is right if you are not a proffesional cemaramen as i know that you dont need the high lence cemera…their is no any magic in cemera …but dippend on you …first search on goolge that where you are going …how many turrist place are there…and how many special things are there…and just go …happy jurney…

I don’t think a man can be good photographer with DSLR camera and a strong lens but he or she must have to be knowledge or sense about arts.

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First you need to just have a cfm camera and a normal lens. I recommend a 24-50 f2.8 lens. You get some good coverage that way.

To start with travel photography, you need to understand your needs and interest. If you are just looking for photographs to place on your blog, no need to go for even photography. You can find those photographs online and can buy as per your requirements.

But if it is your hobby and want to take this seriously, i recommend start with basic DSLR from Canon (checkout Canon 550D) with basic 18-55 lens. If budget is high, you can consider some wide angle lens. (for lenses, i recommend reviewing various rage of Sigma lenses - low cost solutions with best quality result).

I have been using nikon DSLR D5000 with Sigma APO DG 70-300 lens since last 6 month and very happy with result.

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I am not a traveler nor writer .
But what I do know that you may not need DSLR ( if you don’t have one )
Concern with camera it’s depend on your style of your article.
If you want just to snap short you may consider Mirrorless camera as it can give you
1 image quality same as DSL
2 light weight
3 exchange able lens
4 in some place may restriction to Non DSLR camera but not for mirrorless

You dont have a fancy camera’
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