How To Make this? I wanted to know if it is possilble to make a player like this one where the content is always switching or you have the option of goin 2 next article.

Any Help will be highly appreciated.

Looking to achieve this with css & jsavascript - let me know if it is possible please
loving the german Gov 2day

Very possible.

Any Ideas how please???

Well, there’s lots of plugins available for slideshows like those - google jQuery slideshow and see if any of those suit your situation.

If you wanted to start from scratch to learn how it’s done it’s best if you give it a shot first and ask for help when you run into problems.

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try one more site

View the source of the site in question and look at what they did.
Locate on the page which Javascript library was used and what plugins were used and away you go.

Thanks all well look into these & post once I run into a wall…
keep well