How to make textarea popup if radio button is clicked

Hey Guys I really have two questions

  1. I’m trying to replicate a job application form on this website
    I’m trying to replicate the pop up textarea that is shown if “yes” is clicked on the radio button question that asks if the applicant has been convicted of a crime. If yes a textarea shows up to provide further information. How do I do this with Javascript, html or css. Cause that’s all I know

  2. the text field that asks for a cell phone has a placeholder of “(xxx)-xxx-xxxx” but when the field is clicked to enter a given phone number it keeps the format of “()-_____” how is this done? thanks for the help:)

#1 can be done using just CSS.

#imahiddenbox {
   display: none;

#imacheckbox:checked ~ #imahiddenbox {
  display: block;

good to hear from you again m_hutley! I wasn’t aware there was a :checked pseudo class, I’ll read about it. Also what’s with the’~’ what is this called and how does it work?

This is called input masking; on the page you linked they seem to be using this jQuery plugin:

(Apparently this one is not getting maintained any more though…)


Dang I haven’t learned jquery yet

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