How to make Scheduler

Hi, can I ask some help and some idea ,I want to create payment schedule for all of my customers,and show the list in calendar. first I want to know what calendar plugin best to use for this, I don’t know if I can use and resize jquery Datepicker . to make it bigger so that I can see all the listing customer in that particular date (or what would be the best approach for this instead of displaying the name, can I highlight the dates to remind that there is a scheduled customer on this date). second, how can I manage all the scheduled customer that will show on the calendar or the date highligthed base on the customer schedule,like for example I will set customer(“chan”) to pay every 25th of the month how can I show his name every 25th month or the 25th day will be highlighted. Third,what would be my table structure looks like for this to track every payment of my customer.

Thank you in advance.

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