How to make picture and video responsive/shrinkable?

Hi guys,

How to make picture and video responsive/shrinkable?
without using Bootstrap framework?

How to do this manually?
Do I need css or jQuery?
Or both.

Can you show me sample guys.

Thank you very much.

Could you give some more info? Are these YouTube vids? Or served via the <video> element? Either way, yes, they can easily be made responsive even just with CSS.

Actually it’s a jQuery plugin,

sorry If I posted it here, because I’m also thinking maybe I can modify the css/jquery codes and make it responsive.
Or do you know a free jQuery plugin @ralph that offer photo & video lightbox that also responsive?

Thanks in advanced.

Well I think I just found out that the current plugin that I’m using is also responsive.

But your inputs are still welcome.

I was really thinking in terms of a simple scenario where you have a YouTube video embedded on your page. It’s easy to make it responsive by giving it a width of 100% and placing bottom % padding on the container to keep the container open.