How to make online kundali using php?

I have a page named find Find Kundali means birthchart , it will show all the information according to hindu astrology. How to make it using php?

I am having an Indian astrology website made from Wordpress , I want to add a page called Janam Kundali (Horoscope birth chart) which will show KUNDALI according to their date of birth, time, location , etc… with the help of php

Welcome to the forums, @shobhapatwal.

I’ve temporarily unlisted your post as it is rather too vague.

What help do you require with your project? Please show the code you have so far, and explain the problem clearly.

I had not made any code, I did not know how to do it .

I did not know how to do it that’s why I need help…:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

You’ll find many people here are willing to help you, but nobody is going to do the work for you. That’s not the point of a forum. smile

What help are you looking for?

What things I have to integrate like web services to get the result…

Is there any API to do this

Hi there shobhapatwa,

try this…

Janam Kundali app information


These are the app , I have to install it?

My first step after thinking of something new is to use pen and paper to “rough out” the pieces and processes. A very messy outline list with cross-outs, arrows, underlines, boxes etc.

Type can’t compare to scattered scrawl but something like

HAVE WordPress -- options -- 
- existing plugin? *task* look 
->> source data *task* look for an existing API 
- a WordPress page, but maybe outside of WordPress? 
 - maybe try mock-up pages / charts before committing? 
- take note of anything encountered on the web that may be of eventual use. 
  eg. daily email service for chart? 

Once I begin to get a better idea of things I then start gathering background information before pretty much ™ committing to a path. Then I more or less pick a separate task at random. The point is “separate task”. I can wander and working on a more focused task helps me stay focused.

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