How to make Mobile version of my site


I currently own a html based website which is hosted on a linux server. I will like to have a subdomain like which will have a mobile version of my current site.

Is there any good software which can automatically covert my current site to mobile version? How can I redirect my site to the mobile version if someone uses a mobile device to check my site?

Await replies. Thanks.

The redirection can be done with Javascript, but it’s better to do server side which would require php, asp, etc…

A mobile design needs to be coded for mobile specifications. There isn’t a way to push a button and make it mobile compatible.
You could Google mobile templates and work from something like that.

If you are doing a weak conversion of the existing site, a good idea is to simply look at it on a mobile device and tweak it. It’s not as good as a mobile site from the ground up, but it can work pretty well. You could also do it by just providing a mobile stylesheet as well, instead of having to worry about a redirect.

thanks for the advices.

You’ll want to duplicate the pages in another format with a mobile framework, such as JQuery or iWebkit, or adjust your CSS for mobile screens. FOr more about mobile frameworks, see my resource page at