How to make GIF file size smaller? [was: hi all need help]

hi all need some help here. I have a animantion gif file and the filesize is around 600KB. How to i make it smaller size or is there a compress program for it?

EDIT: I don’t think this does animations, so nevermind :smiley:

If you have the image on the web, you can compress the filesize using:

Just type in the URL, and 255 as a value (gives you the best quality, try a lower number for smaller size).

Good luck.

Or you can re-export it from ImageReady, changing the number of colors, lossy factor, transparency use, etc - with these options you should be able to make it smaller.
However if your image has many colors, frames and details - making it smaller can be a hard task to do.

You can upload your image or post a link to it, so we can give you more precise suggestions :agree:

wow thanks guys for the help i give a try. At least u guys give me a nice reply unlick other forum ;/ [i just get soclding form other forum] ~_~

anyway good day xD

mine is not jsut an image is a animation actally. The file size is 900++KB ~_~ I want to make it smaller but i dont know how and dont known what program to do.

you guys help me take alook pls thanks