How to make advanced search from data base(check box & drop dwon menue)

hi all

i want to know how to make an advanced search from databasese contains text of books
and i want the visitor to choose book kinds from check boxes or from drop down menus

for example
for down drop menus
i want to have more than downdrop menue connected to each other so first drop down menu visitor choose the kind ( for example math) so immediatly the next drop down shows list of math books
and if visitor choose another kind from first menu (like philosophy) so immediatly the next drop down shows list of philosophy books
and etc…
and also can choose all book kinds
and check boxes visitor can choose some or ALL books

so can help plz

To populate the series of dropdown menus, you use JavaScript. Create onChange listeners for each <select>. When someone picks an item in each dropdown, you make an AJAX request to a PHP script which returns the list of items to display in the next dropdown based on the first selection. You do the same with each in the series.

excuse me i spent days to do that by java but i failed
can u plz give me example and i can edit that example to my aim?
thanks alot for ur replying

Here are well over 100 examples:
populate select ajax - Google Search

If you write some code and have trouble with it, share that code and someone can try to help you with it.

If you want someone to write code for you, you can post a job in the marketplace and pay someone.

thaks alot and i will see them and see if i have troubles

thank you again for ur great help