How to make a unique page viewable by only the user

I’m new to wordpress coding and I’ve followed a few tutorials and wanted to see how flexible wordpress is (or maybe how easy/difficult it would be).

What I am looking to do is create a unique dashboard/page that only one user can see. To conceptualize this I am attempting to create a task list that isn’t for the admin but for EACH user and only THAT user can see it.

So far the only thing I’ve been able to theorize is something related to more of an ‘author’ only and so when someone signs up a post/page is assigned to them as author only??

So User A goes to their dashboard clicks on task list and can add whatever they want.

User B logs in (and cannot see what user A has as their task list) and can add whatever they want to only user b’s task list.

What are some of your guy’s suggestions on how to handle this? I’m curious as to what is the best way and consider this a pretty awesome learning point as I haven’t seen any tutorial that relates to this.

i think you can only do that with user groups, not by individual user. One thing you could do is create different task pages for every user and password protect them (with unique passwords). These users could be in author group. Then you could create a page where you would list all of these pages with usernames. For example:

Johns Tasks with a hyperlink to the page (password protected, and only John would know the password)
Ben Tasks

You could use a plugin like Theme my login, to put the page link to author user group dashboard (for quick access). Other user groups would not see the link.