How to make a responsive web page? what to do?

What should I do to make a responsive web page?

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Welcome to the forums, @rajeshpanchal.

There are many articles around which explain the principles of responsive design. I suggest you read a couple and then build a simple page to practice the techniques.

This might be a good place to start:


Thank you TechnoBar

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In case of wordpress you will buy or use a free responsive theme. Or you can use mobile plugin. There have huge and huge mobile plugins are available which are free to install and activate Like AMP. Use any wordpress theme and use AMP plugin for the response of both desktop and mobile.

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Or he can use Bootstrap, and to read more about flexbox, css grid, css media queries.

As the OP is no longer a member, there is little point in continuing to offer advice.

Thanks to those who contributed.

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